Cheyenne Langejans

Director / DOP / Editor

Based in The Netherlands. 


Hi there, I'm Cheyenne Langejans. Founder of COUCOU FILM. I focus on helping brands and people visualise their story to its' truest nature. With roots in fashion film and social media, I like to capture dynamic stories and

know how to channel these to the correct audience.


 From concepting to social media assets, we can create the content needed. Ready? I'll grab the popcorn. 



"The cooperation with Cheyenne is very professional. We have already worked together on several occasions because she knows how to translate the concepts developed on the brand side into a creative and performing moving image concept which is tailored to the corresponding channels. Her great strength is the combination of creativity and organisation. ." - Fred Romey, Pinqponq
"Cheyenne is an enthusiastic camera operator and editor. She works hands-on, is always on time and a real team player. We have worked on many beautiful projects together and I hope to collaborate on many more in the future."
- Danny Hessing, Co-founder Kinsby